By Jade Elliott-Archer, medical negligence Solicitor, Irwin Mitchell 

A report from Norfolk Safeguarding Adults board found significant failures in the care of patients at Jeesal Cawston Park, Norfolk, after the deaths of three individuals between April 2018 and July 2020. 

Cawston Park provided care for individuals with learning difficulties and autism, many of whom had complex medical needs.

The report provides an incredibly shocking insight into the poor care provided to vulnerable patients including identifying “excessive use of restraint and seclusion by unqualified staff.” The report concluded that “unless this hospital and other similar units cease to receive public money, such lethal outcomes will persist.”

The owner of Cawston Park said it was “deeply sorry” to the families. 

The centre was closed earlier this year. However, it is essential that all care providers up and down the country learn from these devastating stories of abuse and neglect of some of the most vulnerable in our society.

Despite a decade having passed, the concerns identified within the report mirror those raised by the Winterbourne View scandal in 2011 when secret filming by the BBC identified the abuse of patients with learning disabilities. If care providers cannot or will not improve the care available for vulnerable individuals it is time to consider whether wholescale reform of the sector is required.

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